General purpose loan

The general purpose loan can initially be seen as a loan that everyone can apply for every need. However, this is a money-borrowing situation and you need to account for how much more you will get when you payback. See for an observation

We need to mention that, like every kind of loan, the consumer loan has its own transaction and other expenses. It should be borne in mind that extra expenses such as credit allocation fees, Bank Insurance Transaction Tax, and Resource Utilization Support Fund may also be reflected in consumer loans.


Appropriations to be taken into consideration when withdrawing general purpose loans

Appropriations to be taken into consideration when withdrawing general purpose loans

One of the most important and important cost items that we encounter at the beginning is the file cost. Housing loans can be taken as fixed amounts in the amounts ranging between 500-2.000 TL or can be obtained by determining a certain rate on the loan amount. Banks determine these expense rates themselves.


Another expense item is the commission

Another expense item is the commission

The bank gets it for itself. One of these commission payments is the down payment collected by the banks in order to reduce the total cost by decreasing the interest rate in housing loans. Banks generally consider this as a guarantee and demand payment at a certain rate of the loan amount (for example 1% or 2% of the loan).

Customers who think they have found the lowest interest rate are a source of cost to pay attention to because the commission paid is the exact equivalent of the interest rate cut. The total cost reflected the consumer will be at the same level as no commission and even some of the money to be paid during the term will be collected from the beginning. The consumer can always request an alternative price offer without commission. In addition, banks work with independent appraisal firms licensed by the Capital Markets Board to determine the real value of the house to be obtained with a housing loan. They may also reflect the fees they pay to these organizations to the consumer who will use the loan.


Costs Included in Consumer Loan

Consumer Loan

Account Operating and Statement Submission Fees may be collected from the account to be opened for the consumer during the loan payments. Compulsory earthquake insurance for housing, personal accident insurance for vehicles, life insurance can be counted as expenses along with the loan. Therefore, it is recommended that you know that when you withdraw a loan, it will be included in your credit and that you will calculate how much it will change the amount of money you need to repay.

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